The Auckland based Sweet Secret Cake Shop was established in 2002 by Desmond Kuik and his wife Sue Leong. Built on a foundation of love for people and a passion for baking, the shop retails various cakes and desserts and specialises in customised orders for special events such as weddings, anniversaries and functions.
With a dedicated team of baking professionals the Sweet Secret Cake House make delectable cakes and delicious desserts. Each cake that is made is a labour of love. They take pride in creating something that it not only tasty but also captures the festivities of their clients’ celebrations.
Every cake is hand-made to the highest standard and specially created and customised to ensure that the customer’s celebration is a memorable and successful event.
The Sweet Secret Cake Shop is on a mission to supply high quality products and outstanding customer service. They offer a large selection of birthday cakes, wedding cakes, mud cakes and desserts.

For wholesale customers they offer:

  • Customized orders or special requests using any supplied recipes
  • Free delivery for wholesale purchases with minimum purchase $400
  • Sampling can be provided on request
  • Wholesale cakes and pastries